Wadaa – Drain Opener

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Efficiently and effectively removes the most rigid blocks due to grease, hair, food materials from your drainage system.


600 gm

WADAA is a powerful drainage block remover and is more powerful than liquid clog removers. The toughest blocks caused by grease, hair, food materials etc in the drainage system can easily be removed using WADAA. It is safe and does not affect any types of pipes or septic systems. Safe on all pipes and septic systems from kitchen sinks, toilet drains, bathtubs, and more

•Remove any standing water if possible.

•Add 1 capful WADAA into the drain pipe and pour 250 ml warm water immediately.

•Wait for 15 minutes and flush with large quantities of water.

•If the block is still clogged, repeat the treatment.

•Never empty the whole container into the block, it may result in caking the system.

•Never use the whole bottle as this may cause caking in the drain.

•Extremely caustic! Never smell. Causes severe burns.

•Avoid all contact with skin and eyes.

•In case of contact flush with copious amounts of water and seek immediate medical attention.

•Keep out of reach of children on a high shelf or locked cabinet.

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