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SANA BRIGHT is a advanced laundry chemical formulation to obtain better detergency properties

•Formulation incorporating zeolites as a replacement for phosphate to achieve better environmental safety. Zeolites have excellent features at low temperatures for softening the water considerably to obtain better detergency properties

•Zeolites also promotes higher liquid surfactant loading capacity, bleach stability, and better compatibility.

•Effectively removes iron manganese and copper ions in wash water that can cause fabric discolouration and deactivation of bleaches

•Excellent dirt, tough soil, stains removal from almost all fabrics commonly encountered in laundry

•Gives extra brightness to cloth

•Contains no phosphate and hence more environmentally friendly

•Compatible with a different type of surfactant system and the product is more stable

•SANA BRIGHT can be directly added to the wheel through the supply tray. Add the product, heat to 60 – 70 Deg. C. and run the cycle for about 10 – 15 minutes.

•For light soils – 150 –200 grams for 100 Kg

•Medium soils – 250 –300 grams for 100 kg

•Heavy soils – 350 –450 grams for 100 kg

•In case of highly contaminated white and cotton clothes, add the required amount of SANA SODA, cold bleach, and run the cycle for 5 – 10 minutes, followed by adding sufficient SANA BRIGHT and wash.

•Eye contact: Rinse with plenty of water for 10 minutes holding the eye open. Get medical help

•Skin contact: Take off all contaminated clothing. Wash skin thoroughly with mild soap and plenty of water. If irritation persists, get medical help

•Ingestion: Dilute by drinking 1-2 glassed of water. Do not induce vomiting. Get medical help

•Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. If difficulty in breathing occurs, get medical help

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