Marmar-Super Hygienic Scrubbing Powder

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Super hygienic scrubbing powder specially designed for cleaning and polishing hard surfaces like ceramic, mosaic tiles, stainless steel, aluminium, plastics, and fibre glass surfaces, etc.


500 gram

• It is an excellent cleaner for institutional, industrial, and domestic applications

• Excellent scouring powder for many domestic applications such as a complete Kitchen and floor maintenance chemical and a bathroom cleaner

• Excellent cleaning and polishing effect

• One-step cleaning operation

• Useful in the maintenance and operations of lobbies, shopping malls, hospital wards, hotels, schools, public institutions, industry, and domestic cleaning applications, etc.

•Brush or remove the loose dirt, sand, etc., from the surface to be cleaned.

•Sprinkle MARMAR powder lavishly and then moisten with a little water.

•Scrub the area using a suitable brush or applicator to emulsify the dirt.

•Flush with a large quantity of water to clean.

•Ensure the complete removal of powder from the surface to obtain a clean sparkle surface. Repeat the treatment if necessary.

•Eye contact: Flush immediately with plenty of water and if irritation persists, get medical help

•Skin contact: Flush with plenty of water and get medical help if any irritation persists

•Inhalation: Move victim to fresh air and seek medical advice if any symptoms persist

•Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting. Give 2-3 glass of water and get medical aid

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