Mahar – Glass Cleaner

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Highly effective glass surface cleaner


700 ml

• Suitably formulated for the fast removal of dirt, soil, grime, wax, hand marks, etc. from glass surfaces

• Instantly remove any contamination with a spray and wipe-off technique

• Does not leave streak marks on cleaned surfaces

• It is an ideal cleaner for almost every application in the household

•Mahar Glass Cleaner is an instant cleaner, therefore directly apply it to the surface to be cleaned.

•Allow emulsifying the dirt and wipe-off. In case of heavy contamination, spray to the surface and leave for a while and perform the cleaning operation.

•Repeat the treatment, if necessary.

•Wiping with a chamois leather or lint-free cloth leaves the glass or mirror surface sparkle clean

• Eye contact: Rinse opened eye for several minutes under running water. Get medical advice

• Skin contact: Immediately wash with water. Get medical advice

• Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. If breathing difficulty occurs, get medical attention

• Ingestion: Rinse out the mouth and then drink plenty of water. Get medical help

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