Liquid Hand Soap

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Mild antibacterial liquid soap suitably formulated for hand care 


4 Liter

•It can be used freely on liquid soap dispensers or other dispensing systems ordinarily available in the market

•Very effective cleaner for removal of dirt, grime, or grease

•Used in washroom areas and restrooms, industrial and institutional organizations, medical care centres, hospital, food service industries, cleaning contracts, domestic use, etc.

•Can be used either directly smearing with skin or using a dispensing system.

•For ideal situation, wet hands with water, smear a little soap, rub to a creamy foam, and clean with a large quantity of water.

•Ensure complete removal of the soap traces before drying the hand.

• Eye contact: Flush immediately with plenty of water and get medical attention

• Skin contact: Nothing expected

• Inhalation: Remove patient to fresh air

• Ingestion: Drink large volumes of water. Do not induce vomiting. Get medical help

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