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Anti-boil, antifreeze, and an anti-corrosion engine coolant is a unique formulation particularly developed for middle eastern applications


4 ltr

• Incorporating a corrosion inhibitor package, thereby protecting the costly vehicles from corrosion as well as burst protection in winter.

• Lowers temperature and therefore car cooling system will be safe

•The coolant helps to prevent the radiator and cooling system from freezing up or boiling over

• Does not damage rubber hose, pump or packing, etc. of the engine

• Contains a superior package of corrosion inhibitors suitably developed for arresting corrosion when desalinated or natural water is used for radiator cooling

• The locally manufactured coolant performs better in mitigating the corrosion of the three alloys tested, namely copper, brass, and galvanized steel in comparison to the two other coolants

• It is miscible with water in all proportions

• Storage life of more than four years

• As a significant application of engine cooling is for pipe burst protection for automobiles, it is essential to change the antifreeze at least during the start of the winter season. The coolant helps to prevent the radiator and cooling system from boiling over. The formulation contains a chemical corrosion inhibitor to prevent severe damage from rusting and corrosion. However, the ability to prevent corrosion depletes over time, and coolant becomes Ineffective for corrosion protection. It is highly recommended often to change coolant, maybe at the season start and the season end.

• Change method: Drain the car radiator to remove loose rust, sediment, and scales, if any. Follow your owner’s manual to follow the maintenance of the cooling system. Use a suitable radiator cleaning liquid to remove scales, in severely corroded cases. Flush with large quantities of water to altogether remove loose scales and traces of cleaning chemicals used. It is ideal for filling the radiator with clean water, closing the cap, and running the engine for 10 – 15 minutes. Allow to cool and drain off. Ensure the drained water is free from dust particles to complete cleaning. Fill the radiator with Sana Engine Coolant at the required dilution by volume of the radiator and fill balance with clean water. Refer to car manufacturer’s detailed cooling system recommendations. Ensure that a sufficient level of the coolant-water mixture is available in the recovery bottle. Check coolant level and after a few days, allowing coolant and water to mix thoroughly.

• Eye contact: Rinse thoroughly with water for 15 minutes. Get medical help if required

• Skin contact: Non-irritating to skin. Avoid repeated contact with skin

• Inhalation: Do not inhale. Vapours are minimized due to low vapour pressure

• Ingestion: Give 2-4 glasses of water. Induce vomiting. Get medical help if required

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