Cuddles n Bubbles - Baby Fabric Detergent

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3 in 1 baby laundry detergent, anti-static and conditioner.


1 liter

  • It protects fibres and helps garments or linens to last longer.
  • Its exceptionally gentle, hypo-allergenic formulation ensures that your baby doesn’t get rashes or allergies

  • For manual washing: 1-1.5 capful per bucket of water
  • For domestic washing machine: 1 capful for lightly soiled clothes
  • 1.5 capful for medium soiled clothes and 2 capful for heavily soiled clothes
  • For stain removal applications, apply the liquid directly to the stain and wash as usual
  • Eye contact: Wash with plenty of water and get medical advice if the irritation persists
  • Skin contact: Avoid prolonged contact with skin. If irritation persists, get medical help
  • Inhalation: Safe
  • Ingestion: Give plenty of water to drink. Do not induce vomiting. Obtain medical help
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