10 tips to #DisinfectToProtect your home from Coronavirus

These are our best practices for keeping yourself and your home clean and virus-free.

As the world ramps up countless self-protection measures against the novel coronavirus, there is also more confusion than ever, on the best practices and measures to disinfect your home and surroundings.

We all are well aware of the 20-second hand-washing rule, social distancing measures and more, but there are important considerations when it comes to keeping your living spaces free of coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria. Since the illness is transmitted via touch and airborne droplets that can stay on surfaces for several hours or possibly much longer, it is important to decontaminate any surfaces where such droplets could land. Because what looks clean may not always be so.

Are you not today more cautious of the surfaces you touch outside of your home? Like door handles and home delivery packages?

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