7 ways to upgrade your cleaning with our disinfection package.

Our disinfection package has all the essentials to keep your home, office or business, safe & clean.

The amount of information on the internet about Coronavirus, cleaning, disinfecting etc can get dizzying and is often misleading too. The first thing we all need to understand is that cleaning and disinfecting are two very different things. And one should do both at this crucial time of the pandemic. We have already written an expert blog on how you should disinfect your home, with all the essentials and important points.

You have probably heard or read a lot about various cleaning methods, but which ones should you actually follow? We break down some common house-cleaning myths that we frequently hear, with the facts that you need to stay healthy.

Myth #1: Cleaning and disinfecting are the same thing.

False. Cleaning uses detergents and surfactants to break up debris on surfaces, but disinfectants kill pathogens, bacteria and viruses, depending upon the disinfectant used.

Cleaning only removes any visible dirt, dust, and debris from a surface, but what looks clean may not always be so.

While the average household cleaning product may take care of some germs, only certain disinfecting products like Micro Sana, Sanittol and our other disinfection range, works effectively to kill dangerous bacteria and viruses, like Covid-19.

Myth #2: Disinfectant products work instantly.

Many people conveniently use disinfectant wipes to kill germs on surfaces, but it’s important to know these products may not kill all germs instantly. Merely wiping a surface will not destroy the germs there.

Like, our product Micro Sana needs to be sparyed leave it to dry without wiping on the surface to destroy all pathogens. For the best results and to kill as many biological contaminants such as viruses and bacterias as possible, it is also important to read the instruction on how many hours the protection will last on the applied surface. Micro Sana kills 99.99% of viruses and bacterias up to 72 hours from the second you apply it on any required surface. It does the function on any surfaces such as wood, aluminium, steel, plastic, linen and more.

Myth #3: Twice the Amount of Disinfecting to Kill Twice as Many Germs

Disinfecting is not about the amount of the solution you are using, it is about how you use it. All our products come with specific instructions on the dilution ratios and usage information. Follow them for best results. Messily spraying more disinfectant than is necessary is not guaranteed to kill more germs, and may create a nasty build-up on surfaces and end up making you sick.

Our bestselling product Micro Sana is Harmless to humans, animals, food and is environmentally friendly. It is also long-lasting up to 72 hours, odourless, colourless, non-staining and non-corrosive.

Myth #4: Disinfecting alone is more powerful than cleaning.

Not true. Cleaning and disinfecting go hand-in-hand. Before disinfecting your surroundings, you should always clean — remove surface dust, dirt and grime.

Surface dirt may sometimes react with the chemicals in disinfecting products and render them unable to kill germs effectively. Do not let your disinfection efforts go to waste by failing to thoroughly clean before applying disinfectant!

Myth #5: Soap and water on surfaces are useless against COVID-19.

False. It is possible to kill bacteria and viruses like coronavirus, by scrubbing the surface with soap which are anti-viral and anti-bacterial like Shatha Liquid Hand Wash and water. But, it is impossible to use this method on all surfaces and that too every day, since it is very tedious.

Which is where our range of disinfectants can greatly help your efforts. We have a wide range of disinfectants from laundry, to floor, to the kitchen, to your personal hygiene, to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

Myth #6: Only high-touch surfaces need to be disinfected.

Well, you should disinfect high-touch surfaces more often than other lesser-used spaces. If you’re living with the elderly or people with comorbidities, then places like switches, handles, railings, refrigerator handles etc, should be disinfected with Micro Sana at least 3 times a day.

Of course, you should also regularly disinfect all the common areas of your home. This includes your bathroom, dining room, living room (think remote controls), and so on. Reducing germs throughout the house makes the place safer for everyone.

Myth #7: Chlorine Bleach is more effective in killing bacteria and viruses

While bleach is one of the more effective over-the-counter disinfectants, used since decades, it’s not always as effective. For starters, you cannot use it on all surfaces. The bleach will destroy many plastics, laminates, wood finishes and more.

Secondly, Chlorine bleach can be toxic to smell, taste, and touch, and should not be ingested by humans in any way. 

A better, safer and more effective way is to use disinfecting products made specifically for the job at hand. We have range of disinfectant cleaners for specific jobs and household applications. Also, our products are safe on humans, animals and the environment too.

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Package Contains

  • Micro Sana 4L Diluted – Quantity (1)
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  • Sana Hand Sanitizer Gel 50 ML – Quantity (6)
  • Sana Hand Sanitizer Gel 4 L – Quantity (1)
  • Sanittol 750 ML – Quantity (3)
  • Shatha (Lemon) – Quantity (3

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