The ultimate deep cleaning checklist guide

Cleaning a house can sometimes be challenging, especially when you go for a whole house deep cleaning session. It is easy to miss out on some spots where dust can build up. Viruses and bacteria too can linger in hard-to-reach spots in the kitchen or toilets . However, cleaning does not always have to be a difficult task. The secret to managing household duties and making your home spotless is to follow an easy-to-understand checklist or make a guide that includes all the essential tasks. We recommend sticking to a cleaning schedule. It is not as difficult as it sounds. Once you have it in place, cleaning your home becomes more accessible and faster. A checklist makes you feel less stressed about cleaning; plus, it helps you get more organized. The secret to a clean home lies in following a schedule that works for you. And of course, having the right products, with disinfecting solutions, is the most important,especially in today’s times. We have put together a handy in-depth cleaning checklist for your convenience that you can refer to for making sure you do not leave any spot in your house dirty


Between hurried breakfasts, elaborate Friday lunches and iftar feasts, kitchens can get messy, real fast. Crumbs, spills, splatters, grease can quickly collect on surfaces. And, if you do not clean it regularly, it can lead to a build-up of grease, which can be bad for health and very difficult to clean off.

Countertops, floors, grills, stoves, dishes piled high and more, can take up a lot of time and energy to clean too. But, a little routine cleaning throughout the week can make the task more accessible and your kitchen cleaner. Use this kitchen cleaning checklist as a guide and our top recommended products to get the job done.

  • Wash the dishes with Dana Antibacterial Dish Washing Liquid. Then wipe them with a clean towel and put them away.
  • Disinfects cabinets with Micro Sana Surface Disinfectant
  • Organize cabinets (Throw away expired food, clean the dust, remove empty containers)
  • Throw out expired food from the fridge, freezer and pantry.
  • Organize the pantry items
  • Scrub your gas stove, grills, ovens and more with our Kitchen Degreaser to remove all dirt & grime piled up
  • Wipe down backsplash on countertops, walls, and more
  • Scrub & Disinfect your sink with Sana Disinfectant. If needed, use a Wadaa Drain opener for clogged drains.
  • Wipe the insides & outsides of your appliances like microwave, Grinder, Coffee Maker etc.
  • Clean the floors with a good disinfectant cleaner like Sana Pine Disinfectant.
  • Take out the trash and wash the dustbin with a disinfectant liquid.
  • Dust spots like above & behind your fridge or other appliances, light fixtures and other hard-to-reach spots collect dust.

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In most homes, the living room is the most used space in the house. Every family member comes there to relax, or watch TV, or also have a meal together. It is the only space in your house where you welcome and entertain guests, although not so much due to the pandemic. No wonder then, it is all the more important to keep this space extra clean. Not only for yourself and your family to relax in. but also to make a great impression on your friends, family and other visitors.

Follow this checklist to breathe new life into your living space:

  • Dust all shelves, picture frames and other home decor items that can quickly gather dust.
  • Dust your coffee & dining tables, chairs, counters, hanging art etc.
  • Clean all glass surfaces with Mahar Glass Cleaner to remove dust, grime, fingerprints and more.
  • Wash your windows with a soapy solution, and then give them a final clean with Mahar Glass Cleaner.
  • Clean all the dust accumulated in the window sills.
  • Dust the ceiling, fans, AC vents, light fixtures, wall corners, curtain rods and other nooks
  • Remove and wash your curtains, sofa covers and other cloth items around your living room with Safaa Laundry detergent & disinfectant.
  • Wash & clean rugs and carpets with Sadaf and then use Sana Fresh, which is Carpet & rug deodorizer
  • Spray a surface disinfectant like Micro Sana on all highly touched surfaces like doorknobs, handles, switches, and all other areas you feel need that extra cleaning.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with the proper attachment to clean out dust from couch crevices and other hard to reach spots.
  • Clean bookshelves by removing and dusting all the books, plus all the shelves. Donate books you no longer need.
  • Organize all electronics and detangle the wires.

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Did you know? Your bathroom & toilet have more than a thousand different types of viruses and bacteria. Considering how we use them every day, many spots are easily overlooked that can cause diseases too.

Your bathroom may look clean on the outside, but many hidden dangers are lurking around. Steam from the showers creates the perfect atmosphere for bacteria to grow, mould & fungus too. Water that does not drain well can lead to slime build-up! We are sure you do not want that.

The process to deep clean your bathroom is not as hard as you think. Just follow our easy checklist for a spotless bathroom, where every inch sparkles & smells fresh too.

  • Scrub shower walls, fixates, taps & other fixtures
  • Use Marmar, our hygienic Scrubbing Powder, to remove grout, slime, dirt and more from tiles & floors. It also has chlorine to kill viruses & bacteria.
  • Clean & disinfect toilet bowls and urinals with Mass Toilet Cleaner, our excellent solution that cleans and kills 99.99% of viruses & bacteria.
  • Scrub Ceramic countertops, sinks to remove build-up, grime with Sana Pine Disinfectant.
  • Clean out / Organize Cabinets
  • Clean Out/ Organize drawers, if any
  • Clean out/Organize Shampoo bottles, old soap scraps, empty containers etc.

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Everyone loves a clean bedroom to sleep in and soft bed linen to sink into at night, or even for an afternoon nap? You end up spending almost a third of your life in the bedroom. So, keeping it clean is essential. Also, a messy bedroom can add to your stress, cause anxiety, and interfere with your sleep quality. Not to forget that you can get allergies due to dust in corners and your linen, pillows & mattress.

Usual tidying up is perfectly ok for a regular day, but it is essential to give it a deep clean at least once every 1-2 weeks. Just follow this handy checklist & tips below for a clean and peaceful environment that leaves you feeling calm & well-rested for the day.

  • Dust your dressing table, shelves, bed frame & cabinets.
  • Wash pillows according to the care label.
  • Wash all your linen with Safaa - Laundry detergent & disinfectant that not only cleans your laundry but kills 99.99% viruses & bacteria, plus makes your linen smell fresh!.
  • Flip & rotate the mattress. Dust & Clean out the corners of the bed frame.
  • Use the proper attachment to vacuum your mattress if possible.
  • Swab the floors with Sana Pine Disinfectant that cleans, Disinfects and deodorizes the room too.
  • Dust the curtain rods & wash the curtains according to care instructions
  • Dust the blinds if you have any
  • Clean windows & window sills too
  • Clean carpets & rugs with Sadaf Carpet Shampoo.
  • Deodorize carpets and rugs with Sana Fresh carpet & room deodorizer
  • Clean mirrors & Glass tops with Mahar Glass Cleaner
  • Clean the make-up drawer: Throw out expired products, empty containers etc.
  • Clean the ceiling, crown moulding, light fixtures, ceiling fan around the windows, walls and corners.

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Whether it is your wardrobe, the linen closet, storage closet, or otherwise, they tend to get messy over time. Also, most of the closets are closed; they can start to smell musty & stale. These can also affect your delicate clothes, silks and abayas.

Here is an easy cleaning checklist you can follow:

  • Sort out all your clothes - Keep/Donate/Throw out/Repurpose
  • Keep woollens in closed clothes storage bags or boxes till the time you need them
  • Keep your expensive clothes like silks, wedding wear in separate clothes bags.
  • Take dry cleaning/clothes to be tailored
  • Clean & dust all shelves.
  • Organize them according to different types of clothes - casual, formal, home & party.
  • Keep closet fresheners or naphthalene balls to remove stale odours & keep clothes safe from damage

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Now that we have covered up all the specific areas to be cleaned, here is a general cleaning checklist:

  • Change AC and other air filters. The accumulated dust can make your family members sick or lead to allergies.
  • Clean all carpets & rugs thoroughly.
  • Change old or burned-out bulbs
  • Dust light fixtures & fans
  • Dust decorative accents around the house
  • Dust doors & doorframes.
  • Wash & clean windows

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