Wadaa Drain Opener

Well, we all would have come across this weird situation of clogged drains; yes, we would have practiced few home remedies as well. Are they solving the problem efficiently and effectively? The answer would be yes for some and no for some. We have a question for those who thought yes, is that solution safe on your pipe fittings? Will it cause rust or damage to your pipe fittings? Worry not, we have a solution Wadaa! And that is why Kuwait choose Wadaa among any other drain unblockers.

Occasionally our drains and sewage systems will be blocked by fat or waste. Usually, the water slowly drains or no longer runs and sooner or later, we are all faced with blocked drains, and we need the right products to unblock them.

What is Wadaa?

WADAA. is a powerful drainage block remover and is more potent than liquid clog removers. The most rigid blocks caused by grease, hair, food materials etc., in the drainage system can easily be removed using WADAA.

WADAA is safe and does not affect any types of pipes or septic systems. This fast-acting unblocker will dissolve any blockage and will eliminate any unpleasant odours. A quick-acting unblocker eliminates grunge and hair in a single dose and quickly clears the worst blockages.

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What are the benefits of using Wadaa as a drain opener?

  • No more blockages
  • More powerful than liquids
  • Cuts through food, hair, clogged specks of dust etc.
  • Unblocks drains, sinks, bathtubs and more.
Where can you use Wadaa?

Wadaa is safe on all pipes and septic systems; hence you can use it in kitchen sinks, toilet drains, bathtubs, and more.

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How to use Wadaa?

First, we need to remove any standing water if possible. Then all you have to do is add capsful Wadaa into the drain pipe and pour 250 ml warm water immediately. Now we need to wait for few minutes and flush with large quantities of water. If the block is still clogged, repeat the treatment.

Never empty the whole container into the block; it may result in caking the system; therefore, always add one capful of Wadaa at a time.

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How can we prevent the drains from clogging?

After applying Wadaa for unclogging, follow these few guidelines to prevent them from reoccurring;

  • Never dispose of fat, oil and grease into drains because such substances high in fat should be cooled and then disposed of in the trash or wipe out into the trash before using Wadaa
  • Never try running hot water to melt fats, it is a myth that hot water can break down such substances, and drains would be clear, but in reality, they will cool down and later clog your pipe fittings.
  • Always dispose of the food waste and vegetable peels in the trash; never try to push them into the drains
  • If possible, place a hair filter in bathroom drains

The secret to unclogging clogged drains is just an order away!

You can easily shop Wadaa, which is also available in a twin pack and more for personal care, baby care, home and more in the comfort of your home on our online store. Our products are available in all major cooperative societies and supermarkets all over Kuwait and also through our hotline number – 1800686 or WhatsApp sales +965 6777 0050.