Car Shampoo

Car washing or cleaning can sometimes be challenging, especially when you are driven by rain or a stand storm. It is easy to miss out on some spots where dust or dirt can build up. Also, there are chances to have scratches when you wipe off the dust. Washing your car improperly can damage it more than doing good. Your brand-new cars are mostly being washed by the drivers or apartment caretakers, and you never know using what soap solution are they washing your thousands of dinars worth car. It can be bath soap, dish wash, hair shampoo or even detergents! The car body is usually composed of steel or aluminium, although fibreglass and plastic are also used. Of the different materials for car bodies, the most widely used material is steel, then comes plastic, aluminium, fibreglass, etc., which is currently less commonly used on SUVs. In addition, for some high-end vehicles, magnesium and carbon fibre components are beginning to integrate.

We just read that the car body is so sophisticated and must use a dedicated solution to wash your car. Do we have a solution for that? Read below!

Car Shampoo! Yes, there must be a dedicated solution for your cars, which you can use daily. Taking your car every day to a car wash or garages is time consuming and not worth spending when you have such an excellent alternate solution. An essential for washing a car is car shampoo. Add it to a bucket of water; the best car shampoos remove dirt and grime quickly and help water flow of the bodywork to avoid smears when you come to dry it.

Which is the Best Car Shampoo available in Kuwait?

No doubt, it is from Al Sanea Store. Yes, you can buy Kuwait's best Car Shampoo from Al Sanea Chemical Products. A water-based product containing detergents and specially made for the external cleaning of vehicles.

What are the benefits of using Al Sanea Chemical Product's Car Shampoo?

  • Concentrated product.
  • For economical cleaning operations, use diluted car shampoo by adding enough water.
  • Safe on paints, chromed parts, or plastic parts of the vehicles.
  • Effective removal of oil, stains, grease particles, dirt, etc. from commercial vehicles.
  • Leaves vehicle sparkling bright.

How to use Al Sanea Chemical Product's Car Shampoo?

  • For economic purposes, dilute the car shampoo with water and use a sponge or soft fabric to wash your car
  • Could use high pressure automatic or semi-automatic machines for the effective removal of oil, stains, grease particles, dirt, etc.
  • To have an excellent result, allow the solution to remain in contact with the vehicle surface for at least one or two minutes before the final rinse with clean water.

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