Flash Nail Polish Remover

Most women love to decorate their nails with beautiful nail polishes to beautify their hands. Why do women like to decorate so? Yes, actually, there are many benefits of using nail polish other than beauty. Along with other cosmetics, nail polish can make a womanfeel beautiful and confident inside and out. Looking at the bright-coloured fingernails brings happiness.

Regardless of age, most girls and women like to see various colours rather than sticking to one single colour all the time. But how can this be possible in busy daily schedules? Here is the ultimate solution for you Flash Nail Polish Removers from Al Sanea Chemical Products, the most trusted brand of Kuwait. Read below!

Painting your nails can make them look lusciously beautiful. However, the elements involved are also beneficial to your hands and nails. Flash nail polish remover contains multiple vitamins and minerals that can actually help strengthen and condition your nails as you remove your polish .

Flash Nail Polish remover is a high strength formula specially designed to effectively remove nail polish. It comes in delicate packaging with a pumpable lid for leak-proof usage. It’s a professional-grade nail polish remover that leaves nails healthy and strong. Flash Nail Polish Remover is enriched with premium moisturizers to keep your nail hydrated. It is available in three flavours: Original, Cheeky Flower, and Wild Berry. This is a clear liquid that can quickly and effectively remove dried nail polish from the nail surface.

Flash Nail Polish Remover is excellent for removing dark polish colours and glitter polishes. The colours are removed from the nails without leaving any traces behind. The nourishing and hydrating formula makes it a favourite among women across Kuwait. It tends to be gentler on the nail and surrounding skin.

What are the benefits of leak proof lid?

Yes, Flash Nail Polish Remover comes with a leak-proof lid, which doesn't cause any spillages and wastage. As you know, nail polish removers, nature, quickly evaporates once in contact with the air; Flash Nail Polish Remover provides you with a pumpable action button on the top, so no direct contact with air and hence no wastage..

What are the benefits of Flash Nail Polish Remover?

  • Professional grade formula.
  • Leak-proof lid for avoiding spillage and wastage.
  • Enriched with premium moisturisers.
  • Leaves no trace of colours on nails.
  • Effective removal of all kind of nail polish.
  • Leaves nail sparkling bright and shiny.
  • Available in 3 scents: Original, Cheeky Flower,and Wild Berry.

How to use Flash Nail Polish Remover?

  • Open the lid and keep the cotton on the top of the bottle.
  • Press to collect the solution in cotton.
  • Wipe your nail polish for sparkling nails without any colour traces.

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