Protect your family with our Premium Chalet Disinfection Package.

The best part of our week is undoubtedly driving off to the Chalet for the weekend with the family. Carefree times, when we can bond over good food and make good memories. But, good times aside, we know that keeping your family protected during the Coronavirus Pandemic, is a worry that’s on your mind.

We understand it is a top priority, which is why we have made an all-in-one package, with our most premium products handpicked just for you. It has everything your help needs to disinfect every corner, from floors to the windows, the kitchen, toilets and more.

We have a handy guide laid out for you below, that you should follow before and after your weekend at the Chalet. All the products mentioned below are part of the package itself!

Sanitize & Wash Your hands:

Make sure everyone sanitizes their hands before entering, with Sana Hand Sanitizer Gel. Once inside, don’t forget to stay extra protected by also washing your hands with a good Antibacterial Handwash like Shatha.

The Chalet package contains one 300 ML bottle of hand sanitizer which is perfect to keep at the door to use every time someone enters or leaves.

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Disinfect All Living Areas:

It is extremely important to properly disinfect all areas, especially high touch ones like, doorknobs, handles, switches, tabletops and more. The easiest way to do it is with our best-selling, all-purpose disinfectant spray Micro Sana. This ready to use fast-acting Anti-Virus and Anti-Bacterial Surface Spray kills 99.9% viruses and bacterias on any surface. Just spray it and let it air dry. The best part is that it is harmless to humans, animals, food and is environmentally friendly too. No wonder it is our most trusted product during the pandemic.

Clean windows and glass surfaces with MAHAR Glass Cleaner, that removes dirt, soil, grime, wax, fingerprints and more from many surfaces like glass, TV screens, decorative fittings and more without corroding the surface.

If you have young kids then, all the more reason to clean the floors with Sana Pine Disinfectant to clean and disinfect floors & walls, for complete sanitation. It destroys bacteria and leaves behind a pleasant pine aroma.

Lavish carpets do make your Chalet look even more gorgeous, but they harbour dirt and odours too. Sana fresh is an eco-friendly product to eliminate any unpleasant odours from carpets and rugs. It is safe to use and will create a fresher smelling environment. It gentle enough to protect your expensive carpets and won’t harm them.

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Clean & Sanitize the Kitchen:

One of the most important steps is to clean the food preperation area and wash areas, because these are the places where most bacteria and viruses breed. Use Sana Pine Disinfectant to clean and disinfect floors & walls.

Ensure you pay close attention when washing the dishes before and after use. Because they can be a potential source of bacteria and viruses. We have included our premium-class antibacterial dishwashing liquid Dana, which ensures that your dishes are contaminant free! Our special formula removes grease, dried food deposits, oil and more easily while being gentle on your skin.

The next step is to clean grease off kitchen cabinets, countertops, sink, cabinets and more. With Kitchen Degreaser, getting all the grime and grease off your surfaces is easy and quick! Just spray and scrub it on the greasy surface and then wipe clean for sparkling surfaces. It removes grime and baked-on food without hard scraping and is suitably designed as an effective stripping agent for the build-up of grease deposits, dried food films etc., from a variety of surfaces. It can be safely used on most surfaces including kitchen floors and countertops and Micro Wave Oven too.

The Chalet Package includes 3 bottles of Shatha Liquid Hand Wash, so you can keep one near the kitchen sink to use every time before and after handling food.

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Wash the washrooms:

Keeping the washroom clean and sanitized is an important step in protecting your family, especially when the washrooms are shared amongst many people.

Cleaning and polishing hard surfaces like tiles floors and side walls can get tedious. But with Marmar scrubbing powder, is the best for all-round cleaning. The product also contains small amounts of chlorine which helps to disinfect as it cleans.

Toilet bowls and urinals should be disinfected with a powerful disinfectant and cleaner like Sana Pine Disinfectant – an all-purpose high-strength formula kills 99.9% disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Use it on toilet bowls, urinals, walls, floors and more, for all-round sanitization. Then clean all other areas like door handles, shelves etc. with a diluted mixture of it.

Make sure the washroom is equipped with our antibacterial Hand Wash Shatha. More importantly wash your hands according to the guidelines for at least 20-seconds, scrubbing in between fingers up till your wrist.

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Enjoy Warm Food:

Well, now that you have taken care of the cleaning, the best part is enjoying a warm meal with your whole family. Cook up a feast of delicious Machboos or Quozi. Enjoy a bowlful of soothing and warm Jireesh or soup. Indulge in a warm plate of Margoog & Naans.

Of course, no one likes to eat cold food, which is why we have provided you with Sercote Flame Liquid, our premium chafing fuels which can be used to keep your food warm at the perfect temperature to eat, for up to 6 hours. It allows you to adjust the intensity with an easy 3-heat setting.

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  • Micro Sana 700 ML – Quantity (3)
  • Sana Hand Sanitizer Gel 300 ML – Quantity (1)
  • Sana Hand Sanitizer Gel 50 ML – Quantity (3)
  • Mahar 700 ML – Quantity (1)
  • Sercote flame Liquid – Quantity (6)
  • Sana Disinfectant 500 ML (Pine) – Quantity (1)
  • Shatha (Lemon) – Quantity (3)
  • Kitchen Degreaser 600 ML (Lavender Freshness) – Quantity (1)
  • Ceramic Cleaner 600 ML (Orange) – Quantity (1)
  • Marmar (Lemon) – Quantity (1)
  • Dana 1L (Lemon) – Quantity (1)
  • Sana Fresh – Quantity (1)
  • Sanittol 750 ML – Quantity (1)

They say money can’t buy good health, but it can buy peace of mind, that your family & loved ones will be safe and protected. Make sure you buy the Chalet Package before your next weekend getaway and all it costs is just KWD 15 to protect you and your family.

You can easily shop for all our Money Saver Packages, products mentioned here and more for personal care, baby care, home and more in the comfort of your home on our online store and get free doorstep delivery above KWD 20! Our products are available in alsaneastore where we do doorstep delivery all over Kuwait and also through our hotline number – 1800686 or WhatsApp sales +965 6777 0050.