A lot of effort goes into maintaining a home - which is why working smart, is so important. Whether it is you doing the laundry or your domestic help, here are some products that you must have in your home to make the load easier.

Laundry sometimes is a hassle, with many stubborn stains, sweaty odours, contaminated with viruses & bacteria. With our top-quality laundry range, your clothes will be free of stubborn of marks, smells and be completely disinfected too, without depending on commercial bleach or other products that sometimes ruin clothes.

Some common clothes care tips which you must always remember are: To always check the clothing care label before washing. Choose the right detergent for the right type of fabrics. Never use chlorine bleach on clothes. Sort your clothes by type – whites, light colours, dark colours, delicate and woollens. We recommend to pre-soak extra dirty clothes for 30 minutes before washing.

Here you will find our range of premium products and how they can help make laundry time, less stressful.

Sanitex – Liquid Laundry Detergent

Whether it is domestic laundry or an industrial one, Sanitex can handle it all!

It has a strong stain removal, yet extra-mild formula for your clothes, which guarantees zero damage to even delicate items. You can also use it to wash white clothes as well as coloured clothes. Sanitex removes tough stains and grime easily, while keeping clothes clean and bright. It also works well on grease and oil stains, with no pre-soiling or pre-washing necessary.

It is proven to clean clothes better than ordinary powder detergents. Plus, it is more cost-effective than other detergents due to less product usage.

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Barq - Oxy Bleach, Stain Remover & Antibacterial

Did you know? Ordinary chlorine bleach products cause more harm than good for your clothes?

Barq is our best-selling laundry product, not just in households but commercial establishments and hospitals too; due to its 3 in 1 - action formula.

It is not just an oxy bleach, but it removes the toughest of stains from white & coloured clothes and kills 99.99% bacteria and viruses, all in one go, to give you completely clean & bright clothes.

Give your dull and lifeless clothes a breath of fresh air with Barq – our most powerful stain remover that cares for your clothes too. The active oxygen in our formula acts as a powerful oxidizing and bleaching agent, thus giving a fresh new brighter effect on whites and coloured clothes.

Add a scoop of Barq, which has extra hygiene powder, to all your wash loads to see great stain removal results – be it in the washing machine or a soak before washing or rinsing. It becomes easier to remove stains and bacteria from all types of fabrics.

The best part is that our product is safe for health and does not rashes or skin irritation. It also does not harm the environment with toxic chemicals.

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Ribla – Fabric Softner

Just one capful is all you need to avoid stretching, fading, and more while giving your clothes a longer, happier life. Try Ribla – a premium fabric softener and brightener that will make your clothes wonderfully soft and smelling great!

Ribla also keeps your clothes fresher longer and reduces static and wrinkles, better than using detergent alone. Plus, it neutralizes the static electricity from the garments developed during the washing cycle, thus making the clothes soft, bouncy and easier to iron. All with a simple capful into every load of laundry, into any washing machine or bucket. Another plus point is that it makes your clothes smell so heavenly!

Ribla is trusted not just across homes in Kuwait, but also hospitals, commercial, institutional and domestic laundries.

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Safaa - Laundry disinfectant

Let us face it, we are living through a pandemic. And in such times, one can never be too safe. Yes, we are social distancing, wearing masks, washing our hands and more; but have you given a thought to the fact that your clothes too can be a possible source of bringing viruses and bacteria into your home?

We are using public transport, going grocery shopping, travelling to work and more. For those who run a hotel business, with travellers from all over the world using the towels, bed linen and more in the rooms. How will you keep your patrons safe?

A simple wash in the machine is not enough to kill all viruses and bacteria. Which is why you need our Safaa Laundry Disinfectant or our 2-in-1 Safaa Laundry Disinfectant & Detergent. It kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in one wash. Its special formula creates a protective layer on your clothes and laundry that lasts up to 72 hours! You can easily use it to wash delicate clothes, baby’s clothes and woollens too. Plus, it removes dirt, grime and food-related stains in one wash. It is easy to use in front and top-loading washing machines, or as a pre-soak too.

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Soof - Wool & Abaya Washing Detergent

Have you ever tried washing your woollens with regular detergent then regretted it? Are your woollens out of shape, full of lint and smell of camphor? Or has commercial detergent damaged your expensive cashmere and Abayas?

Delicate fabrics like cashmere, silks and woollen clothes need special care. You must never use heavy-duty or strong detergents to wash these as they cause more harm than good. Which is why we have developed a mild and effective detergent especially for these types of fabrics.

SOOF is ideal for garments such as Abayas, sweaters, knitted fabrics, baby clothes, lingerie, blankets and more. It does not cause colours to fade, does not stretch or spoil fabrics and causes minimum to no shrinkage too. Choose SOOF - a detergent that cares for your clothes.

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