Do not let cold food ruin your family get together, try Chafing Fuels.

Imagine you have all your closest loved ones over for a family jamboree. You have spent hours and hours labouring over many varieties of deliciously cooked food. The Machboos is ready, the Quozi is perfectly cooked, the Harees is steaming hot. You have made sure the décor is perfect, the music is right, the environment is flawless. Your family just can’t wait to try all the food you have so lovingly prepared.

You have laid the buffet table with piping hot food that smells delicious & makes your guests hungry. They all line up to take their food, but after a while, you notice that there is no steam rising from any of the dishes. The food slowly starts to look cold and unappetizing; you can hear your guests softly complain about it. But there’s so little you can do now.

You see your guests digging into what should have been an amazing meal, except that the food is ice cold. It can put a dent on your reputation as a host!

Well, did you know there is an easy way to prevent this from ever happening? A simple solution to keep your food warm & tasty for hours without worrying. The answer is our safe, easy-to-use & environment-friendly Chafing Fuels. They are designed to keep food at the proper temperature when serving. Not only does our chafing fuel come in three and six-hour burn times, but we also sell two types of fuel, gel fuel and liquid fuel.

To make sure that this scenario doesn’t happen at your next event, we are giving you all the information you need to choose the right type of fuel for your event.


Sercote Flame Gel is a thick non-corrosive jelly that burns without any smoke or smell, which makes it perfect to heat food.

It is completely non-toxic and odourless to avoid ruining the smell of your food. They also feature a non-spill/non-drip design to avoid unfortunate spills or burns which makes it safe for outdoor and indoor use too.

They are ideal for use in windy conditions also as wick fuels tend to burn out easily. It leaves virtually no residue and features a renewable and eco-friendly design, this gel fuel gives a burn time of 3 hours and is guaranteed to bring the heat to any event.

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Sercote Liquid Flame - Adjustable Heat Liquid Chafing Fuel

Sercote Liquid Flame is an environmentally friendly, non-hazardous liquid fuel.

It burns for 6 hours with a slight bluish non-luminous flame without any smoke or smell, which means the only thing your guests will smell is the delicious aroma of your cooking!

Our specially designed wick produces maximum heat output. Controllable, uniform and consistent, with an easily adjustable 3-heat setting to suit your needs. Also, the cans do not get very hot, making it safer to handle, and placing cans directly on the tabletop is no longer an issue.

This is an easy, safe, efficient and economical way to keep your food warm at your next gathering.

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  • Make sure that you purchase the right amount of fuel for your event.
  • Ensure that you bought fuel with the correct burn times.
  • Chafing fuels are only to keep food warm, they are not designed to cook food.
  • Do not leave burning fuels unattended.
  • Canned chafing fuel should be placed away from flammable objects or decorations (curtains, napkins, etc.)
  • Ensure that the can is in place before lighting it.
  • Use a long match or butane lighter to light chafing fuels, do not use lit cans or papers.
  • Lit cans should not be picked up or carried while in use.
  • Cans being used in heating equipment (chafing dishes) should be removed before moving the dish.
  • Use the proper tools to extinguish the flame (cap as a snuffer) not your hands!
  • Put the lid/cap back on the can before throwing it out to prevent any excess fuel from leaking.

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