5 things you must know before reopening your restaurant after the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Here’s a handy checklist of precautions you should take to welcome people back to your restaurant or café safely.

The saying, “Nothing brings people together like good food”, may be true, but in today’s coronavirus times you need much more than that to make people feel safe and welcome. It is important to know that even if you’re going to reopen your restaurant, things are not going to be normal from day-1. You’ll have to put in place preventive measures, train your staff, probably hire and train cleaning personnel, and also have an arsenal of cleaners and disinfectants, to protect the health of customers and staff.

We have compiled a handy guide for reopening and running your restaurant during an active pandemic to help you navigate this uncharted territory.

Clean – Sanitize – Disinfect: Toilets

Before you even begin to welcome back your customers, you must do a thorough deep clean and sanitization. We have a range of disinfectants for all areas of your restaurant space.

Toilet Bowls & Urinals: Start by cleaning your toilet area with a powerful disinfectant and cleaner like Sana Pine Disinfectant – an all-purpose high-strength formula kills 99.9% disease-causing viruses and bacteria. Use it on toilet bowls, urinals, walls, floors and more, for all-round sanitization. Then clean all other areas like door handles, shelves etc.

Surfaces: After cleaning, spray Micro Sana Surface Disinfectant – an Anti-Virus and Anti-Bacterial Surface Spray that kills 99.9% viruses and bacteria from surfaces.

Windows & Mirrors: Clean windows and glass surfaces with MAHAR Glass Cleaner, that removes dirt, soil, grime, wax, fingerprints and more from many surfaces like glass, aluminium, TV screens, decorative fittings and more without corroding the surface. It contains Isopropyl Alcohol to instantly removes bacterial contamination too.

Hand Sanitizer: Ensure you keep a Hand Sanitizer in the restroom and replenish them as soon as they get over. Encourage your customers to use it too.

Do not keep a cloth hand towel in the washroom which will be shared amongst all the people using it, instead use paper napkins which will limit the spread of viruses like Covid-19.

Sana Pine Disinfectant
Micro Sana - Surface Disinfectant
Mahar - Glass Cleaner

Clean – Sanitize – Disinfect: Kitchen & Seating Areas

Next, clean the food prep area and wash areas, because these are the places where most viruses and bacteria breed.

Walls & Floors: Use Sana Pine Disinfectant to clean and disinfect floors & walls, for complete sanitation.

Utensils & Crockery: You need to pay close attention when washing utensils, cutlery and crockery because they could be a potential source of infection. Using an antibacterial dishwashing liquid like Dana ensures that your dishes are contaminant free! Our special formula removes grease, dried food deposits, oil and more easily while being gentle on your skin.

Drains: Clean and unblock your drains with Wadaa Drainage Block Remover, this powerful formula removes the toughest of blocks from food materials, grease and more easily and quickly.

Napkins & Table Cloths: If you keep cloth napkins and table cloths at your restaurant ensure you not just wash them, but also disinfect it. Wash them regularly with a detergent, like Sanitex, that removes all kinds of stains due to oil and food without ruining the colours of the cloth. Then soak them in an antibacterial disinfectant like Sanittol for 10 minutes to kill 99.9% viruses and bacteria.

Hand Washing: One of the most important weapons in your kitchen to combat the spread of viruses is regular and thorough hand washing with an antibacterial hand soap like Shatha. Train your servers and chefs to wash their hands regularly throughout the day. Our handwash kills viruses and bacteria on your hands and it keeps your skin soft even with regular washing.

Glass Table Tops: is your café or restaurant has glass table tops then use Mahar glass cleaner which contains Isopropyl Alcohol to instantly remove bacterial contamination. It also removes all kinds of dirt, grime and fingerprints too.

Hand Sanitizer: Ensure you keep a Hand Sanitizer on every table and replenish them as soon as they get over. Encourage your customers to use it as soon as they enter and before eating too.

Disinfect Regularly: Disinfect high-touch surfaces like tables, chairs, door handles, light switches, Card machines, touch screens, menu cards and more with a surface disinfectant spray like Micro Sana. Do this regularly throughout the day as well as after a customer uses any of these facilities.

Dana - Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid
Wadaa Drainage Block Remover
Sanittol Antiseptic Disinfectant
Shatha-Antibacterial Liquid Hand Wash

Train Staff on protocols – Provide Personal Protection Equipment

Follow protocol: Train your staff to follow cleanliness and social distancing rules. Encourage them to wash their hands regularly, and request customers to do it too.

PPE: Provide your staff with masks, sanitizer, gloves and protective gear to limit the spread of infection and keep customers safe too.

Temperature checks: Ensure you follow the rule of regular temperature checks throughout the day for all your staff. If anyone seems ill ask them to go home and self-isolate immediately.

Temperature checks - Social Distance - Hand Sanitizer

Decide if you want to return to full open hours or continue to operate on a modified schedule.

Social Distance: To adhere to social distancing guidelines of 6-feet, you will have to relook at your seating arrangement, and cut it down to about 50%. Keep tables further apart, limit the number of diners at a given time and more. Continue to offer mobile ordering and no-contact pickup for guests who are not yet comfortable with dining in. Also, train your staff to maintain social distance from diners too.

Hand Sanitizer: Keep Hand Sanitizer at the entrance and ask your customers to use it before they enter your restaurant.

Temperature Checks: In these times, one can never be too careful. Which is why it is a good idea to have a No-contact temperature checker outside and assign one person to check the temperature of everyone coming in.

Communication is important

Continue to be transparent with guests both in-person and online about your menu, dining room logistics, ordering capabilities, and safety measures.

Post signage on tables, the front door, and in the restrooms encouraging guests to sanitize and wash their hands often and be mindful of what they touch and how close they get to other guests.

Encourage guests who do not feel well to order delivery or takeout instead of dining in.

Use the power of social media to communicate with your guests on all the procedures and practices you are taking to ensure their safety.

Offer discounts, coupons, to win your customers back.

we hope this insightful article has given you some tips on what you can do to resume and reopen your restaurant. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will help you find the right products that you need and also provide expert advice on the right way to do it.

It is also a good idea to take advantage of our professional Cleaning & Disinfection Service, in which we will do a thorough deep clean, from top to bottom and from nook to cranny, including toilets, kitchen, dining areas and more.

No matter what the “new normal” is, if you have a plan and you’re flexible and adaptable, you’ll survive and you’ll also thrive.

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