10 tips to #DisinfectToProtect your home from Coronavirus

These are our best practices for keeping yourself and your home clean and virus-free.

As the world ramps up countless self-protection measures against the novel coronavirus, there is also more confusion than ever, on the best practices and measures to disinfect your home and surroundings.

We all are well aware of the 20-second hand-washing rule, social distancing measures and more, but there are important considerations when it comes to keeping your living spaces free of coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria. Since the illness is transmitted via touch and airborne droplets that can stay on surfaces for several hours or possibly much longer, it is important to decontaminate any surfaces where such droplets could land. Because what looks clean may not always be so.

Are you not today more cautious of the surfaces you touch outside of your home? Like door handles and home delivery packages? You are also more aware of viruses and bacteria you could bring into your home as a result of it. Therefore, the best thing to do on a grocery run, is to get in and out of the store as soon as possible, social distance yourself and use a mask as well as a hand sanitizer. After getting home, part of the best way to further minimize your exposure to coronavirus is to sanitize and disinfect it. Because, the virus can still cling to surfaces you carry with you into your home, like your clothes, shoes, debit card and even your phone.

To make life a little easier, Al Sanea brings you a simple Coronavirus Tips, where we tell you how to #DisinfectToProtect your home amid the Coronavirus outbreak. From how to clean to making sure high-touch surfaces are wiped properly, here are some measures you need to take. 

Al Sanea Liquid Hand Wash
Al Sanea Hand Sanitizer


You have probably heard it a million times before, and you will hear it a million more. But this is perhaps, the simplest and most effective method to lower your risk of contracting Covid-19 or passing it on to others.

Simply wash your hands for 20-seconds according to the WHO- World Health Organization, guidelines with Al Sanea Shatha Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap to kill viruses and bacteria. Our special highly-concentrated long lasting formula, effectively washes away many types of illness-causing viruses and bacteria, while keeping your skin soft and protected.

Do remember to wash your hands after you cough, sneeze, touch unknown surfaces, use the restroom, or go out of the house even for a short time. When you do not have access to water & soap, use Al Sanea hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% viruses and bacteria.

Al Sanea Micro Sana - Surface Disinfectant


Think about the things you touch multiple times a day - doorknobs, sinks, cabinet and refrigerator handles, remote controls, switches - and how many viruses and bacteria are lingering on those surfaces that you may not think or be aware of. Since home is where you are most relaxed, you may not be as strict about cleaning frequently. But, the virus can stay active on surfaces such as cardboard for 24 hours and on plastic or stainless steel for two to three days.

We recommend disinfecting your home, twice a day, with Micro Sana Surface Disinfectant Spray – a broad-spectrum, fast-acting, antivirus and antibacterial surface spray, with proven effectiveness for the past 5 decades. It is tough on viruses and bacteria, while being completely harmless on humans, animals, children and the environment too. Just clean the area first to remove dust or grime, then spray it properly and let it air dry to give it time to kill any viruses and bacteria that could linger.

Al Sanea Sanittol - Antiseptic Disinfectant


Even if you have just stepped out for a short while, there are chances of the virus entering your home through your clothes. It is possible for the virus to latch on to them and survive for almost 24 hours. Ensure you carefully take off and isolate them immediately after getting home.

It is very important to remember, that since the virus spreads through the air, do not shake your clothes when removing them, as the virus can spread to other surfaces. Also, do not touch your face, eyes, mouth or nose with unclean hands.

Soak clothes in a solution of 1 tablespoon Al Sanea Sanittol in 600ml hot water, for a minimum of 30 minutes. Then, wash with your laundry detergent and dry them in the sun if possible. Wash your hands again with Shatha Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap to kill viruses and bacteria.

Al Sanea Dana Antibacterial Dish Washing liquid


Your kitchen is one of the best places for viruses and bacteria to hang around and multiply! There are so many places you touch, countertops, fridge, utensils, etc, the list goes on. Which is why you need to take extra precautions where food is made. We recommend using two of our best disinfectants for this job. Dana Antibacterial Dish Washing liquid for all your utensils, and Micro Sana Disinfectant for walls, floors and more.

DANA is an effective, safe, extra mild, antibacterial washing-up liquid particularly formulated for manual dishwashing of dishes.  It removes tough food deposits, oil, grease, dirt etc. while also disinfecting them. Use Micro Sana, to clean frequently touched surfaces like fridge, shelves, handles, vegetable drawers, and other such items properly.

Scrub your floors, drains, sinks, walls, garbage areas with the powerful Sana Disinfectant Solution. It has properties to destroy viruses and bacteria and also remove bad odours. Best part? It does not corrode plastic or metallic surfaces. So use it without fear to disinfect your kitchen.

Al Sanea Pine Disinfectant


 It is extremely important to pay more attention when disinfecting your toilet. Especially the bowl, toilet seat, floors and more.

Use Al Sanea Pine Disinfectant to clean your walls, floors, drains, sinks, surfaces and any other place you require a high level of sanitation. Prior to disinfection, thoroughly clean the area, using a general detergent. Just dilute the disinfectant 1 volume to 80 volume of cold water and apply to the surface to be disinfected either by direct pouring or by spraying it.

This powerful disinfectant destroys viruses and bacteria and removes bad odours, leaving behind a pleasant pine aroma. It does not corrode plastic or metallic surfaces. Also, damp towels, hand towels are a breeding ground for viruses. Sanitize and clean them regularly in the method shown above with Sanittol.

Al Sanea Sana Disinfectant


The living room is the heart of your home. It is a place where the whole family comes together to relax and spend time with each other. This makes it all the more important to pay more attention here. From switches to chairs, tables, remote controls and more can have hundreds of viruses and bacteria on it. This goes for your dining room too. For instance, if you happen to touch any surface while handling raw food, then Salmonella, E. Coli and other viruses and bacteria can latch on. And if you eat with the same hands, without using an antibacterial soap or someone touches that surface, then there is a possibility of infection. One more reason why you should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with Shatha Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap.

Use Micro Sana Disinfectant to completely sanitize surfaces. Just spray it on the surface and let it air dry. Sana Disinfectant should also be used to clean your main door, handles, bell switch and other overlooked areas.

Pay special attention to the floors in your living room, since it is the first room you enter from outside. Our strong Sana Pine Disinfectant is perfect for the job. It kills viruses and bacteria and leaves the room smelling pine fresh. Dilute it using 1 volume to 80 volume of cold water and mop your floor.

Al Sanea Micro Sana - Surface Disinfectant for electronics


Some of the most frequently touched things in the house are your electronics. Phones, laptops, gaming consoles, TV remotes, and more. Ensure you do not skip out on these. Sanitization is the best way to go.

As you know, cleaning electronics is tricky. You cannot just spray them down. To disinfect them, spray Micro Sana on a clean soft micro-fibre cloth and then clean your devices to kill viruses and bacteria. Make sure you pay special attention to the buttons, screen and back too. Remove any case that may be on the device and clean both surfaces properly before putting the case back on.

For laptops and desktops, it is best to clean them with a surface disinfectant solution and a soft towel. Make sure you wipe down the keyboard, trackpad, and where your wrists rest on the laptop. For desktops, wipe down the mouse (top, sides, and bottom), the keys on your keyboard, the exterior of the keyboard, and any mousepad too.

Al Sanea Shatha Antibacterial Liquid hand Soap


According to the WHO - World Health Organization mails and packages are relatively low-risk transmitters, but that does not mean you should not disinfect them. The novel coronavirus can live on cardboard surfaces for 24 hours. So giving packages a spray with Micro Sana is a good practice to follow.

Also ensure, you do not accept packages directly from people, ask them to keep it on a clean surface and follow social distancing guidelines when signing or paying for them. Most importantly, wash your hands properly with Shatha Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap to kill viruses and bacteria after handling such packages and discard the boxes carefully in a sealed trash bag.

Al Sanea Shatha Antibacterial Liquid hand Soap


No, not without reason. According to the FDA, not enough evidence suggests that food or food packaging can transmit the novel coronavirus. Just observe standard food safety and wash your hands afterward.

If you do get food home delivered from restaurants, then ensure the outer packaging like plastic or paper bags, are thrown in the trash. Next, remove the food from containers in your own utensils before eating.  And do remember to wash your hands properly with Shatha Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap to kill viruses and bacteria.


  • If you use reusable grocery bags, soak them in a bucket of hot water and Sanittol for at least 30 minutes, after you have put all the groceries away.
  • Disinfect the inside of your vacuum cleaner by emptying the dirt container fully, washing it and spraying with Micro Sana. Let the moisture evaporate completely before closing everything back up again.
  • If you are wearing gloves to touch infected surfaces, follow these rules because you can still be in danger if you do not remove them properly.  Use your fingers, on one hand, to pull the other glove down your hand, grabbing the plastic near your wrist (not at its tapered edge where you could come in contact with your skin). Pull your fingers through the glove so that you turn it inside out as it comes off your hands. Then, use the inside-out glove to take off your other glove in the same manner and throw both away immediately.
  • Always remember the first clean, then disinfect rule. First, clean the surfaces, removing any contaminants, dust, or debris. Then, apply a surface-appropriate disinfectant like Micro Sana Disinfectant.

We hope these tips help you keep your home and loved ones free from illness. But the most important tip of all is to stay home, stay safe. There is a lot going on right now and a lot of uncertainty too. Do not believe in rumours and trust that our government is doing everything possible to eradicate the virus and keep it from spreading. You do your bit by staying at home and following guidelines. Our range of disinfectants for your home is the next best line of defence against Covid-19 in Kuwait. All these disinfectants are available on our online store alsaneastore.com just click to shop now and #DisinfectToProtect your home.