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  1. Essentials Of Surface Cleaning & Disinfection

    Essentials Of Surface Cleaning & Disinfection

    Washing hands is one of the most effective methods to remain healthy and avoid the transmission of diseases such as COVID-19. But what about the things we touch in our homes? Surfaces may also harbour bacteria, which can live on them for extended periods. As a result, it is essential to clean and disinfect your house regularly.

    Learn about the areas that should be cleaned and disinfected. But first, let's define the distinction between the two.

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    Flash Nail Polish Remover

    Most women love to decorate their nails with beautiful nail polishes to beautify their hands. Why do women like to decorate so? Yes, actually, there are many benefits of using nail polish other than beauty. Along with other cosmetics, nail polish can make a womanfeel beautiful and confident inside and out. Looking at the bright-coloured fingernails brings happiness.

    Regardless of age, most girls and women like to see various colours rather than sticking to one single colour all the time. But how can this be possible in busy daily schedules? Here is the ultimate solution for you

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  3. How to get back to the new car feel?

    Car Shampoo

    Car washing or cleaning can sometimes be challenging, especially when you are driven by rain or a stand storm. It is easy to miss out on some spots where dust or dirt can build up. Also, there are chances to have scratches when you wipe off the dust. Washing your car improperly can damage it more than doing good. Your brand-new cars are mostly being washed by the drivers or apartment caretakers,

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  4. The ultimate deep cleaning checklist guide

    The ultimate deep cleaning checklist guide

    Cleaning a house can sometimes be challenging, especially when you go for a whole house deep cleaning session. It is easy to miss out on some spots where dust can build up. Viruses and bacteria too can linger in hard-to-reach spots in the kitchen or toilets . However, cleaning does not always have to be a difficult task. The secret to managing household duties and making your home spotless is to follow an easy-to-understand checklist

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  5. How to unclog clogged drains?

    Wadaa Drain Opener

    Well, we all would have come across this weird situation of clogged drains; yes, we would have practiced few home remedies as well. Are they solving the problem efficiently and effectively? The answer would be yes for some and no for some. We have a question for those who thought yes, is that solution safe on your pipe fittings? Will it cause rust or damage to your pipe fittings? Worry not, we have a solution Wadaa! And that is why Kuwait choose Wadaa among any other drain unblockers.

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  6. Home Cleaning tips & tricks


    This Ramadan it’s a time for self-reflection, purification, prayers, charity & food feasts with family. This Ramadan like last year, will be slightly different, with us spending more time in our homes, not getting out much even for prayers. Surely it makes sense that your surroundings are clean, comfortable and welcoming to all the good blessings.

    Of course, one cannot exert themselves too much while fasting, because it can leave us feeling tired & dehydrated, which is why we have come up with this simple and handy checklist of tips & tricks, that will make cleaning easier and faster. But that is not all, to take the stress out of cleaning, we have made an all-in-one Ramadan Cleaning Kit, which has everything you need for a clean house, that is not just clean but disinfected too. So that your family is safe, happy and healthy. Because, a clean home is a blessed home.

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  7. Better Safe Than Sorry: 4 products you need to stop the spread of viruses & bacteria.


    We are now in 2021 and are witnessing yet another curfew, due to people not following basic guidelines, forgetting to mask up, sanitize and wash their hands frequently and not social distancing too.

    The cycle of curfews will not stop unless we all take responsibility and start following basic tips & protocols. Here are some tips on how we can break this cycle and stop the spread of the coronavirus, so that we c

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  8. Why Sana Nail Polish Removers are the better and healthier choice!


    Firstly, we all know that nothing is exciting about the process of removing your nail polish. Might we add that it can sometimes be an uphill task! Especially those bright reds, dark blues and glittering hues, that sometimes refuse to budge – that too after drenching your nails with extra strong nail polish removers – add to that sensitive and brittle nails, and you are looking at a manicure emergency right there!

    And if you like to keep up with the trends, one needs to remove and reapply nail polish quite often and using a low-grade nail polish remover definitely does more harm than good.

    Well, the good news is that it does not have to be so difficult. Our range of professional-grade

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  9. Best laundry detergents and disinfectants for your family


    A lot of effort goes into maintaining a home - which is why working smart, is so important. Whether it is you doing the laundry or your domestic help, here are some products that you must have in your home to make the load easier.

    Laundry sometimes is a hassle, with many stubborn stains, sweaty odours, contaminated with viruses & bacteria. With our top-quality laundry range, your clothes will be free of stubborn of marks, smells and be completely disinfected too, without depending on commercial bleach or other products that sometimes ruin clothes.

    Some common clothes care tips which you must always remember are: To always check the clothing care label before washing. Choose the right detergent for the right type of fabrics. Never use chlorine bleach on clothes. Sort your clothes by type – whites, light colours, dark colours, delicate and woollens. W

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  10. 7 ways to upgrade your cleaning with our disinfection package.

    7 ways to upgrade your cleaning with our disinfection package.

    Our disinfection package has all the essentials to keep your home, office or business, safe & clean.

    The amount of information on the internet about Coronavirus, cleaning, disinfecting etc can get dizzying and is often misleading too. The first thing we all need to understand is that cleaning and disinfecting are two very different things. And one should do both at this crucial time of the pandemic. We have already written an expert blog on how you should disinfect your home, with all the essentials and important points.

    You have probably heard or read a lot about various cleaning methods, but which ones should you actually follow? We break down some common house-cleaning myths that we frequently hear, with the facts that you need to stay healthy.

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