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SANA ENGINE COOLANT is an anti-boil, antifreeze and an anti corrosion unique formulation particularly developed for middle eastern applications, incorporating a very effective combined corrosion inhibitor package thereby protecting the costly vehicles from corrosion as well as burst protection in winter.  The product is formulated with mono ethylene glycol so as to obtain a low freezing temperature; therefore, under normal winter conditions in the region, car cooling system will be safe.

 SANA ENGINE COOLANT contains a superior package of corrosion inhibitors suitably developed for arresting corrosion when desalinated or natural water is used for radiator cooling.  The superior corrosion inhibition properties were tested and approved by Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research – an independent authorized research and testing laboratory, under their petroleum technology department by eminent research scholars testified as “The report deals with evaluation of the corrosion inhibition efficiency of SANA ENGINE COOLANT (manufactured by Al Sanea Chemical Products, Kuwait) as compared to two other commercially available coolants.  The result indicates that the locally manufactured coolant performs better in mitigating the corrosion of the three alloys tested, namely copper, brass and galvanized steel in comparison to the two other coolants”  (Detailed test procedure and corrosion inhibition test values are available on request)

The product is fluorescent green colored antifreeze with neutral character and will not damage rubber hose, pump or packing etc. of the engine.  It is miscible with water in all proportions and is having a storage life of more than four years, when stored under normal conditions.

As a major application of antifreeze is for pipe burst protection for automobiles, it is essential to change the antifreeze at least during the start of the winter season.  The antifreeze / coolant helps to prevent the radiator and cooling system from freezing up or boiling over.  It is to be understood, the formulation contains chemical corrosion inhibitor to prevent severe damage from rusting and corrosion.  However, the corrosion packages often depletes and coolant become In-effective for corrosion protection.  As it says “Neglect is easy but maintenance is expensive” It is highly recommended often to change antifreeze, may be during the season starts and season ends.
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